About Sliver Arc

DP Paul Gibson on location in Ibiza, Spain for Verizon

Why Silver Arc ?

We communicate by telling stories.
From the first tribes huddled around a fire to the increasingly fragmented multi-layered information rich landscape we see today, one thing still remains the same – the value of a story well told.

Effective storytelling is crucial for any organization looking to communicate its message.
Communications today is not just about print, it’s about media – video, web, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, blogging, social media and much more.
How an organization communicates its unique story directly affects its perception in the marketplace.

Our mission is to produce powerful and thought-provoking media across all platforms that will allow any organization to clearly and powerfully communicate their unique story.
Silver Arc helps you articulate and cohesively tell your story with style and elegance to all your stakeholders.

Established in 1987 by director/producer Shiva Kumar, Silver Arc and its team of communications professionals have found a unique niche creating media for foundations, non-profit organizations, educational establishments and multi-national corporations looking for new ways to share their story with the public.

A premiere production facility based in Manhasset, Long Island, Silver Arc Productions is a full service media entity offering a concept to completion turnkey solution to a wide range of production needs. From original concepts, scripting, casting, production, editing, mastering and delivery, Silver Arc is the total package.