Shiva Kumar of Silver Arc

Director Shiva Kumar on location in Brooklyn, NY for PayPal

Shiva Kumar — Producer, Director & Editor

Shiva Kumar, an award-winning director, has worked in commercial, documentary and corporate productions for over 20 years. His programs have been seen on PBS, The Disney Channel, BBC, Israeli Cable, Canal Plus (France), RAI (Italy) and NHK (Japan).

Born in New Delhi and educated in England, Egypt, India and the United States, Shiva brings a global perspective to his productions.

Effective communication is all about finding a unique story to tell. Shiva has honed the art of listening and asking the right questions to arrive at the core of a unique story and then articulates and communicates that unique story with style and elegance.

Shiva’s unique perspective comes from his diverse background as an actor, T.V. newscaster & reporter, his background in history, world cultures and philosophy and his keen understanding of cinematography, lighting, emerging HD and 4K technologies and cutting edge production design.